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Luciano G. Viola

Data Scientist & Engineer

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About Me


In 2016 I made a radical change in my life and career. I decided I wanted to get into tech and become a Data Scientist.

I had a lot of things to cover: programming, linear algebra, probability, and statistics. It was a lot, but It didn’t feel like work. I was hooked. I just loved the combination of math and programming. And I found out it suited well to my engineering background. After one year of rigorous self-study, I got offered a job as Data Scientist at a leading analytics startup in Brazil.

I now work for a Silicon Valley startup that has been two years in stealth-mode working at the forefront of AI and IoT. We created a product that optimizes the cooling energy efficiency of data centers. It’s already being used by two of the largest colocation providers in the world!

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Sunny evening @ Google West Campus, Mountain View (CA)